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So I founded Yoroshiku Fansubs way back in February 2006, and as we are fast approaching our 5th birthday, it starts to drag up all those series I’ve found through the years that I’ve wanted to see subtitled.

As it happens, my wishlist has decreased somewhat with groups like DatteBayo picking up Ninku but there are still some real gems out there that I would love to do at some point. They aren’t formally declared projects yet as I’ve not been able to recruit a team that can handle the sheer number of episodes that these series contain but I hope one of these days I will be in that position to get these series subbed.

1. Mister Ajikko
Mister Ajikko

A story about a young boy genius chef. A story which may not sound too unfamiliar if like me you are a fan of Yakitate!! Japan. Mister Ajikko is arguably one of the biggest influences on Yakitate!! Japan, with its over the top reactions to tasting being part of that signature. Weighing in at 99 episodes, it would be great to marathon in the same way I did when I first watched Y!!J but there is obvious apprehension to commit to this many episodes to sub!

2. Oishinbo

Some of you may have noticed that I have worked on the Oishinbo movies with my group Yoroshiku Fansubs, although I really should officially release the 2nd movie, and the first movie only has a very poor quality raw to work with. However, in this instance I am more referring to the TV series that ran from 1988 – 1992. Once again, more food related story telling here – I do like my food. Once again though, standing at 136 episodes in total it’s not simple to find people who would commit to the whole series!

This series is in fact being re-aired by TV Asahi on Tuesday mornings, still a firm favourite in Japan! The 2 movies were also re-aired back in September, however annoyingly I’ve only just found this out and was therefore unable to ask someone to record it!

3. Monkey Turn
Monkey Turn

Boats and hos. Or perhaps just boats. This series has suffered some real neglect over the years, a true shounen/sports anime but with speedboat racing. The show was picked up some time ago for US distribution however it has ever since been held without a single release.

4. Kikou Senki Dragonar
Kikou Senki Dragonar

Gundam but not. That would be one way to describe Dragonar. Featuring the renowned Mecha designer Kunio Okawara (大河原 邦男 – Okawara Kunio), the originator of the Gundam and master that has worked on everything from Votoms to Gintama.

5. Get Ride! AM Driver

AMDriver is a power suit shounen with a real vibe about it. Another series that was initially picked up for US distribution which subsequently fizzled out.

I hope to be able to do these series someday, if you want to help me get them done, drop me a line!

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Welcome to my ramblings

Hello and welcome to my ramblings. This is a place where I will be talking about all manner of things from daily life, my transition through learning Japanese with warblings on the JLPT exams and assorted bits about my role as founder of Yoroshiku Fansubs, where I want to go with the group and fansubbing in general.

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